Monday, December 6, 2010

LSAC's Implicit Response to Economic Stimulus Criticism?


In reality, each of the above statements are indeed true, and thus the United States' current ~10% unemployment rate is not a sufficient indicator of U.S.'s current economic state, policy critics.

I stumbled across this logic-based question while studying for the LSAT.  I would suggest the question reveals the testwriters' biases towards the politics surrounding our current economic state, but to be fair, this particular question is from the June 1996 LSAT. But what a great question!


  1. It is a good their defense, it looks like the operative phrase is "if true," but I agree—it looks like a bias tempered by qualification.

  2. which then raises the issue that our system of measuring the "economic state" doesn't take into account the welfare of the people...therefore a "healthy economy" can coexist with ~10% unemployment and ~15% poverty.

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