Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mobilization and Empowerment

A Ka leo Article on the Event:

At first, I was a little skeptical on the purpose of the "teach-in" and the intentions of faculty members and "Preserving Hawaii's University" in their attempt to mobilize students. (Please refer to a former blog post)

Some media coverage:

After I met with the planning committee the afternoon before the event, I agreed to speak at the event to stress student empowerment and the importance of our university system from a local, leadership standpoint. "Preserving Hawaii's University" seemed tolerant of most viewpoints, at least of students, surrounding the UHPA contract and didn't put too much effort in persuading them to stand against the contract. Fortunately, they instead focused on the noise the event will make and the ball of activism it will get rolling. They organized an awesome event that really set the tone and paved the way for students and faculty to become informed and be heard. Thank you faculty and grad students!

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