Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Call for Solutions.

I was delighted by the overwhelming feedback from the email blast I sent out last week entitled. “ASUH – Response to UHM Faculty vs. Administration.” I would be lying though, to say that I was prepared for the hundred or so passionate replies I received during the following couple of days.

The response from students has been inspiring, and for the most part, responses from faculty and administration have actually been surprisingly pleasant as well. Both entities seem to understand where ASUH coming from as student advocates.

[caption id="attachment_820" align="aligncenter" width="510" caption="Over 11,000 strong."]Over 11,000 strong.[/caption]

The main purpose of the message was to clear any misconceptions about ASUH having a stance on the issue. The message was also intended to inform and empower students to recognize ourselves as the hugely powerful political entity we are.

So what's next?

1) ASUH has set up a public meeting next Tuesday October 27 4:45pm, to discuss possible solutions to restore UH's budget. Students and faculty members are welcome to attend if they would like to present any ideas or would like to hear our proposals. ASUH will then present ideas to Senator Jill Tokuda, State of Hawaii Chairperson for High Education, during a subsequent meeting.

2) ASUH is also in the process of passing a resolution “urging the governor to rescind the fiscal restrictions to our University system” (where the majority of the cuts were made). This reso will be followed up tremendously from a variety of angles.

3) ASUH will continue to meet with key legislators to help generate or divert funds to the UH system for the upcoming legislative session starting January. ASUH has come up with numerous ideas and has been exploring other methods of lobbying and possible protests.

ASUH has been meeting and collaborating with both members of Faculty Senate and Administration here at Mānoa, and although disparities concerning certain issues are inevitable, we are establishing a common ground to move forward together.

We must settle any minute, personal, and often irrelevant disagreements and unite our University community. Together, the voices of tens of thousands of voters will surely leave an impression on the decision makers of our State.


  1. I read that letter. disgruntled grumpy guy very close but still without tenure...