Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why Hawaii Needs a Republican Governor

I am not the fervent Republican zealot who will support any candidate in his party regardless of the candidate’s values. In fact, I am quite the opposite. But although I hold ideals and political philosophies that are of a traditional accordance to those of the Democratic Party, I appreciate the checks and balances that a republican governorship brings to our lopsided State Legislature.

Throughout the past eight years under Republican Gubernatorial leadership, legislation may have not moved as quickly as it could have, but at least our State leaders were forced to be more responsible in the construction of legislation—knowing that vetoes would require a two-thirds vote over-ride.

A democratic majority in the State House and Senate is a great thing for progress in Hawaii, but a republican governorship will help both cabinets produce more responsible legislation. In turn, synthesized designs of bi-partisan, centrist legislation will benefit the greatest amount of people in Hawaii and help create a more harmonious and efficient society.

-- A Letter to the Editor, Published in the Maui News - July 7th 2010

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