Sunday, August 2, 2009

McMackin's McMorals

Is anyone else completely appalled by Coach Mack? His remarks were deplorable, especially as a leader at a University where we pride ourselves on our lōkahi and aloha spirit among our incredibly diverse population.

HEAR HIS COMMENTS (may be offensive to many):
McMackin Slur

As Honolulu Advertiser Columnist David Shapiro elegantly put it:

"McMackin stepped way over the line when he tried to entertain reporters at a WAC media day by gratuitously insulting one of the university's constituencies with a vulgar epithet.

Beyond being crude and offensive, it was more than a little thick of McMackin to pointlessly malign a highly vocal group that is in the middle of a national battle to gain equality and respect.

Not to mention the poor sportsmanship he displayed in his clumsy attempt to disparage the manliness of a Notre Dame football team that had kicked his butt up and down the field in the Hawai‘i Bowl."

Perhaps McMacken was intoxicated at the time, otherwise I cannot fathom any possible justification for why he would repeatedly use a slur against gay people as an insult to a bunch of kids a third his age! It's decadent enough behind closed doors; but AT A PRESS CONFERENCE, his comments were just idiotic! During our University's daunting fiscal situation, will we continue to dish out 1.2million dollars a year for a common scene lacking, hateful football coach who hasn't yet proven himself on the sideline?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Unfortunately, our manly dance didn't win us the game: 49-21."]Unfortunately, our manly dance didnt win us the game: 49-21.[/caption]

I'm also concerned by ignorant comments readers are posting on blogs stating that McMacken remarks "weren't a big deal". There is NO place in any society for such degrading and hateful slander. But at a leadership capacity, the effect is tenfold. Whether heard from politicians or overpaid football coaches, these types of "light-hearted" slurs are what condition up-and-coming generations to behave similarly, add to a culture of discrimination, and ultimately prime non-tolerant attitudes and ignite hate crimes across our nation.

CHANCELLOR HINSHAW*: Fire this clown and save the students at least a half million a year. We can save at least a few classes, lecturers, and our university's national reputation.

*Refer to the question asked on PBS Insights last month concerning Coach Mack's Salary

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  1. Absolutely. This is a strong opinion that needs to be strong! Community voices can't be reinforcing immature put-downs, especially for the purpose of feeding the media. It's poison for local attitudes and just shame.