Friday, July 24, 2009

A Blogger's Paradox

Our generation is often criticized for being frenziedly narcissistic. Since personal weblogs are sometimes considered to be at the epitome of egotism, a smidgen of irony may characterize my creation of a blog in an effort to help to defeat this stereotype of our generation. But there are many types of blogs, and blogs remain the best new medium to push forward the next big ideas. It's time that we step up and set the pace in society.

...proof that the youth can be heard! But poor kid needs to be allowed to have some real fun!!! Parents, you're not fooling anyone. He needs a social life.

CONVERSELY, I encourage everyone to put aside some time of solitude everyday and start blogging, no matter if you are interested in world politics or extra large ball-jointed dolls. Whether or not we are being truly represented by these usually way cooler, cyber extensions of ourselves is besides the point of purpose. The pervasiveness our cyber-selves could achieve through blogging usually can't even be realized by ourselves "IRL". Would 26.3 million people (not counting the millions more views of re-posts) been able to see Crocker cry for Britney if it wasn't for the magic of blogging? And even if not a single person reads (or views) your blog (...vlog), it creates a beautifully creative, multi-media journal of your life. And as long as you don't pull a Michael "The Gold Medal Bongmaster" Phelps, your blog could be great for the old resume!!!

Just, keep it civil:

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  1. You write so intellectually/witty haha I love this post. Welcome to the blogosphere my friend!! And do you mean..."IRL"?!